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Angelique St. Aude

CEO & Founder

Hey there! my name is Angelique St. Aude, affectionately known as Angie. I’ve always been very serious when it comes to practicing self-care, so much so that I would take hours to get ready just so that I made sure my skin was pampered. I was always into skin care even when I was younger, it was important that my skin felt soft and smooth. As I got older, I was always fascinated and intrigued by what components made up skin care products and wondered how I would be able to create my own products. I knew at a young age that I wanted to own my own business, I just never knew what it would be until I started transitioning to natural hair. 
I wanted to refrain from using products that stripped my hair of its natural oils, so I began researching essential oils because the benefits and uses truly fascinated me. Those incredible discoveries developed into the creation of my products, which includes but is not limited to scrubs, soaps and body butters. I began to see what a benefit this would be for everyone and how it would make people feel and thus, Happy Elephant Spa Care was born!

Happy Elephant Spa Care was born out of a desire to empower people to really love themselves by loving the skin they’re in. The best way to do that in our opinion is to shower yourself with luxurious products that nurture and foster a sense of self. Our products are mostly all natural and are infused with essential oils that speak to an emotional connection. We handpick oils that will help strengthen your spiritual and emotional needs, as well as provide the much needed care that your skin craves. All of our products are handmade to order, making each one as unique and special as the person they are made for. Our goal is to have everyone love themselves more by loving the skin they're in!

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